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Fujitsu IX500 replacement parts

If you are looking for Scansnap ix500 replacement parts, then you are in the right place.

We plan on giving you an in-depth guide of the parts that require frequent changing on the ix500.

At the same time, we also plan on giving you a bit of insight into parts that are not so popular.

Fujitsu ix500 roller set for paper feeding

These are probably the most popular parts that require changing in a Fujitsu ix500. They are, of course, the pick roller and the brake roller.

Fujitsu IX500 Roller Set PA03656-0001 – Check the price on Amazon Now

We always recommend you to buy the entire roller set. For the Fujitsu ix500, this set is very cheap. It includes both the pick roller and the brake roller. They should last for around 200.000 scans, which is a lot considering how cheap the set is.

If you want to buy the pick roller and brake roller separately, then you should try the following part numbers:

  • PA03656-E976 – Fujitsu ix500 Pick roller unit with an estimated life of around 200.000 sheets.
  • PA03656-E958 – Fujitsu ix500 Brake roller with an estimated life of around 200.000 sheets.

Our opinion: Buy the roller set. It is cheaper to buy the set than to buy the rollers separately. And in most cases, they will wear at the simultaneously.


One of the parts that often need replacing in your Fujitsu IX500 is the output stacker tray extension.

OUTPUT TRAY STACKER EXTENSION IX500 – Check the price on Amazon Now

Why this part often breaks?

Because the tray stacker extends out of the scanner, it often happens that you hit when moving the equipment. Other times you just hit it harder when scanning documents.

Either way, you might have to replace this part from time to time.

You probably don’t think it’s that important, but you only miss it when you don’t have it anymore. The biggest risk you will face are documents coming out of the scanner and just making a big mess.

You can also easily damage documents, not to mention the hours you will spend putting them back in order.

FEED ROLLER IX500 PA03656-K975

This is one of the parts that won’t require changing often. In fact, we have seen scanners with millions of pages that were still running on the original feed rollers.

Feed Roller IX 500 PA03656-K975 – Check the price on Amazon Now

Scansnap ix500 won’t feed?

This part helps documents go through the scanner smoothly. As you probably know, the more reliable the paper transport is, the better the quality of the scanning process.

Once the pick roller sends the document into the scanner, the feed rollers aid the paper transport. When they are badly worn, you risk having severely skewed documents.

While this can be corrected by the deskew function, sometimes it’s so severe, that even that function won’t be able to handle them.

You also risk having documents stuck in the scanner. This will decrease production significantly as you will always have to stop the process and refeed that document.

EXIT ROLLER IX500 PA03656-K976

The exit roller manages the paper so that it comes out of the scanner smoothly.

EXIT ROLLER IX500, PA03656-K976 – Check the price on Amazon Now

Why this part is critical?

First of all, the paper exit mechanism makes sure that the paper coming out is stacking properly on the exit tray.

If it’s working correctly, the documents will be coming out straight and aligning themselves perfectly over each other.

When the rollers are worn, there is a risk of paper coming out at an angle. You will quickly notice that documents are not in line or are not stacked properly.

This part wears with time, and with most scanners, you will never have to replace them. But if you signs of wear, I do recommend you try and replace them.

Scansnap ix500 replacement glass

If you want a Scansnap ix500 replacement glass, you must first identify which one has a problem. There are two parts that can be replaced, the upper and lower part.

UPPER FRAME W/ GLASS IX500 PA03656-Y100 – Check the price on Amazon Now

This kit contains the upper frame and also includes the glass. It might be difficult to find the glass as a separate part.

Therefore, it might be worth to consider just buying the entire frame.

LOWER FRAME WITH GLASS IX500 PA03656-Y001 – Check the price on Amazon Now

The lower frame is a bit more complex than the upper frame. Still, it is worth buying it and replacing it entirely.

It might require some work on your side, but at least it will get your scanner back up and working.

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