Fujitsu FI-7300NX Review | Is this the #1 network scanner?

Fujitsu FI-7300NX Front View

With the  Fujitsu FI-7300NX color duplex document scanner, PFU Limited is bringing scanning to new age devices and media. 

Yes, it sounds like something you would read in a PR statement from the manufacturer. But in fact, Fujitsu is really trying to do that with some of its document scanners, and the Fi7300nx scanner is a very good example.

I have seen a lot of focus going into software in the last few years. Especially at Fujitsu, PaperStream, with its different versions, is becoming a good software to use. What started as a standard scanning software, is now transforming into a full-on data processing software.

ScannerSpeedADF SizeConnectivityPrice
1FI 7300 NX

60 PPM / 120 PPM80 sheetsWIFI and Ethernet LANCheck the price on Amazon Now
2Panasonic KV-N1058X

65 PPM / 130 IPM100 sheetsWIFI and Ethernet LANCheck the price on Amazon Now
3Kodak Alaris S2060w

60 PPM / 120 IPM80 sheetsWIFI and Ethernet LANCheck the price on Amazon Now

Why the need for a network scanner like the FI-7300NX

When we hear of a network image scanner, we immediately think of an equipment that is used by tenths of people sending scans to their own computer. This should use both a wifi and ethernet LAN connection.

A centralized area, where people head to scan and save their documents. This is how everyone views a network document scanner. Just insert your username and password and feel free to scan. 

Times have changed and a network scanner has to do so much more. The scenario is more or less the same, at least those tenths of people still exist. The major changes revolve around their requirements. Most of them want either an active directory where they can head to and collect scans, or customized job menus, specific to their needs. 

Scanning to a PC is just not enough these days. Complex workflows and advanced data extraction are what users currently need. All this while maintaining the paper protection level offered by a desktop scanner.

Just imagine your average corporation. They have a CRM, a document management application, some even use SAP with its large number of modules.

What they need is to send the document through a personalized workflow with the least amount of screen touches.

This is exactly what the Fujitsu 7300NX scanner has to do. It has to work with connectors to deliver scans to web applications, servers, and mobile devices.

Fujitsu FI 7300NX technical specifications

Fujitsu FI-7300NX Technical Aspects
                               Fujitsu FI-7300NX Technical Aspects

Yes, we have to look a bit over technical specs before we evaluate if this is or isn’t a good purchase.

  • Image Sensor – As you probably know, we love CCD sensors for scanners. Especially for this scanner, which will be used by a lot of people, especially inexperienced users. The CCD sensors capture just about anything, so torn paper, crumpled paper or even dark images will come out great. Especially given the advanced image processing features Fujitsu offers.
  • Scanning speed – This Fujitsu scanner is a 60ppm and 120ipm scanner in duplex mode. It’s not the fastest scanner in the world, but it wasn’t made for volume anyway. At 60ppm it should feed documents quite reliably.
  • Paper thickness – You can never beat straight path scanning, can you? Fujitsu somehow manages to scan paper of just about any thickness. With this model going up to 400gsm, there won’t be many situations to look for a flatbed scanner. The pick roller and brake roller are there to handle the job. You also get a carrier sheet, so you can scan A3 documents on this A4 scanner.
  • ADF Capacity – I think the people at Fujitsu are using feeder mechanisms as a common platform. There are many FI scanners with an ADF that can hold 80 pages. This is more than satisfying though, and even if you have more documents, you can feed them while scanning.
  • Scanning destinations – Fujitsu has prepared an SDK and a lot of coding libraries for this scanner. It scans directly to your mobile device, that is a tablet, smartphone and I think you can also scan to the smart system of a car. Literally, we heard that someone had developed such a system for an executive to read documents while being driven to work.

Features of the FI-7300NX

Fujitsu FI-7300NX Connectivity Options
Fujitsu FI-7300NX Connectivity Options

The main thing about this scanner is that you don’t need a computer to scan. I think this is one of the most important features that future scanners will have and manufacturers have to focus on. 

  • No need for a client computer – You simply login to the scanner, with user and password. Then you use the touchscreen to select your customized job and hit scan. Having preset jobs makes it easier and it also saves you time. Nowadays, you need to do complex jobs in the shortest time possible, and customized profiles help you do that efficiently. 
  • Scan using a smart device – Yes, your smart device can now be used as a workstation. This is especially interesting when you want to send jobs to web applications, storage servers or even the software you have personally developed. No need to use the scanners touch screen interface, select your job settings and hit scan. 
  • Very powerful SDK’s – Fujitsu has focused their attention on software in the last years. The trend in the market is for customers to use their own applications to scan and store documents. Having a powerful SDK, lets developers integrate hardware like the FI-7300NX into personalized applications and software. 
  • Connector API – We have seen a lot of customers finding it difficult to connect hardware and software. In a world where everything is now interconnected, you must have access to such an API. Now things are live and customers want documents scanned and archived in seconds. 
  • Connectivity – This scanner offers all 3 connection methods. You can use a Wi-Fi connection or a wired network if you want to use the scanner in an office environment. At the same time, you can connect it through USB if you want to use it as a dedicated scanning equipment. 

Software options

Fujitsu FI-7300NX Paper Stream Capture
Fujitsu FI-7300NX Paper Stream Capture

This Fujitsu scanner also comes with software for batch scanning. You will be able to use the machine as a dedicated scanner very easilly. 

  • PaperStream IP driver – When you connect it through USB, you can take advantage of this driver. It is I think the most advanced scanning driver out of all the scanning machines ( even from other manufacturers ). You can also use the driver in your own workflow software which is of big help. 
  • PaperStream Capture – Whether you are using the free version of the capture which is usually bundled with the scanner, or the paid version, this software is very good. Paperstream Capture Pro, the paid version, has extra features which transform the scanner into a real data conversion machine. Indexing, structuring documents and customized extraction is now possible.
  • Kofax Integration – Yes, you can buy Kofax Express or Capture and integrate them with your scanner. Fujitsu has a good collaboration with Kofax, and you can be sure that you will constant updates and bug fixes for your device. 
  • Paperstream NX Manager – This software is a server software, used mainly for the administration of more scanners into a single department or company. It can deal with the authentication functions, users and other aspects, directly from the centralized server software.

Should you buy the FI-7300NX

This is a really good question. There are alternatives from Canon, Panasonic or Kodak. It may even be that some scanners are better or worse. 

You are no longer buying a network scanner exclusively for it’s scanning capabilities. If it’s a very good scanner even better. 

Nowadays, we buy such a scanner for integration. Integration with web applications, storage servers or personalized software. Fujitsu is really well prepared in this sense.

The strong points of this scanner are the 3 types of SDK and the API connector. It offers just about any possibility to connect the scanner to your web app or customized software. 

It eliminates the need of having workstations, and it’s also easy to connect with mobile devices. In this sense, we think you won’t regret buying this scanner. 

The Fujitsu FI-7300NX seems to be the connectivity king in the world of scanners. And if people will buy this scanner, Fujitsu will have an even bigger incentive to develop the SDK and API even further. 

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