Fujitsu fi 6130 Pick Roller Replacement | CON 3540 011A

Fujitsu FI 6130 Pick Roller Replacement Kit

If you want to know more about the Fujitsu FI 6130 Pick Roller Replacement, you are in the right place.

Fujitsu is selling a complete roller replacement kit and uses two separate part numbers. CON 3540 011A is the code they used in the old version of the consumable kit.

CG01000-524801 is the code for the new consumable kit for the FI 6130, that Fujitsu is currently using. It is also called Scan Aid CG01000-524801.

CON 3540 011A – Fujitsu Fi 6130 Roller Replacement Kit

As I’ve mentioned in the introduction of this article, this product is the old roller replacement kit Fujitsu sells.

Fujitsu FI 6130 Roller Replacement Kit – Check the price on Amazon now

What’s in the box

  • Fujitsu FI 6130 Pick Roller replacement – 2 pieces
  • Fujitsu FI 6130 Brake Roller Replacement – 2 pieces
  • Estimated life – For all the rollers around 400.000 sheets
  • Equipment for which the kit works: Fujitsu Fi-6130Z, Fi 6140, Fi 6140C, Fi 6140Z, Fi 6230Z, Fi 6240, FI 6240C, Fi 6240Z

Our opinion

This consumable kit that Fujitsu sells includes 2 sets of rollers. To be more precise, 2 Pick Roller and 2 Brake Roller.

I guess it all depends on the price you pay for it. But keep in mind, all the other maintenance consumables you will have to buy from other places. For example cleaning wipes, F1 cleaner or cleaning sheets.

And they will add to your total costs.

Scan Aid CG01000-524801 -Fujitsu FI 6130 Consumable Kit + Maintenance Items

This Scan Aid Kit is the new part number Fujitsu uses for the FI 6130 consumable kit.

They have changed the formula a bit, compared to the CON 3540 011A consumable kit. This new one, the Scan Aid, includes only 1 set of pick and brake rollers but features extra items.

It should also be way cheaper than the old part number, so it is really worth considering. The fact that I can also get wipes and F1 cleaner with the same package, is of really big help.

Scan Aid CG01000-524801 -Fujitsu FI 6130 Consumable Kit – Check Price on Amazon Now

What’s in the box

  • Brake Roller – 1 piece
  • Pick Roller – 1 piece
  • F1 Cleaner  – 1 bottle
  • Packet 4″ x 4″ Cleaning Wipes – 1 pack
  • 10 Cleaning Papers – 1 pack 
  • Package of 100 Cleaning Swabs  – 1 pack

Our opinion 

We love the fact that it features cleaning papers and cleaning swabs. If you’d buy the items separately it would cost you quite a bit more. 

At the same time, the old consumable kit used to feature 2 sets from each of the rollers. So the old part number was good for 400k pages, with this one you should be around 200k pages. 

Still, it does cost half than the old part number so maybe it’s not so bad. 

I guess it all comes down to how much you are spending. 

I want to order pick rollers and brake rollers separately

Yes, you can also use this solution. In fact, we have seen heavy users of scanners buying all their parts and consumables separately.

So let’s dive into the part numbers and see what exactly you can order for.

Fujitsu FI 6130 Brake Roller Replacement PA03540-0001 – Check the price on Amazon Now

  • Estimated lifespan – around 200.000 sheets.
  • User Replaceable – Yes, this item can be replaced by the user.
  • Compatible for : Fujitsu Fi 6130, Fi-6130Z, 6140, 6140C, 6140Z, 6230Z, 6240, 6240C, 6240Z


Fujitsu Fi 6130 Pick Roller Replacement  – Check the price on Amazon Now

  • Estimated number of pages – approximately 200.000 sheets
  • The user can replace this item. No need for specialized technicians on site.
  • Will fit the following scanner models: Fujitsu Fi 6130, Fi-6130Z, 6140, 6140C, 6140Z, 6230Z, 6240, 6240C, 6240Z

Summing things up

If your question is whether to buy the separate items or the entire consumable kit, you will have to take into account a couple of things. 

  • The number of scanners you have is very important. If you are using more than 5 scanners, you will get uneven usage. Consider buying 1 consumable kit and also separate items. When you are using 1 or 2 scanners, just buy the consumable kit directly. It’s now worth the hassle. 
  • Are you scanning paper with different surfaces on each side? Some surfaces are more abrasive than others. If you are scanning such papers, the life of your pick roller will be different from that of your brake roller. 
  • The separate parts are not available in your region. In that case, you will have to buy the consumable kit, unfortunately. Companies have their own distribution policies, so for different zones, you will see different parts. 
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