Canon DR-C240 Review | This is 50% faster .. But is it worth it?

The Canon DR C240 is the upgraded version of the DR C230 scanner

It scans at a higher pace and should be able to process more documents each day, given the increase in speed

As with the slower model, it enters a crowded market, where you get lots of options when it comes to small desktop scanners.
Canon DR-C240 Review | This is 50% faster .. But is it worth it?

ProductFormatScanning areaConnectivitySheets per minuteImages per minuteADF SizeDaily Duty CyclePrice

Canon DR-C240

Canon DR-C240
A48.27 in x 11.69 inUSB 2.0459060 sheets4,000 sheetsCheck price on Amazon

Canon DR-M160II

Canon DR-M160II
A48.27 in x 11.69 inUSB 2.06012060 sheets7,000 sheetsCheck price on Amazon

Canon DR-C230

Canon DR-C230
A48.27 in x 11.69 inUSB 2.0306060 sheets3,500 sheetsCheck price on Amazon

Canon DR-C240 Specifications

Sheets per minute45
ADF Size60 sheets
Daily Duty Cycle4,000 sheets
Optical Resolution600 dpi
Long Document118.1 in
ConnectivityUSB 2.0
InterfaceTwain and ISIS
Dimensions11 x 10 x 10 inches
Weight9 lbs
Bundled SoftwareCaptureOnTouch 3, CapturePerfect, eCopy PDF Pro, Kofax VRS (for Canon)
Images per minute90
Scanning area8.27 in x 11.69 in
Sensor typeCIS
Document Thickness7 to 56 lb.
Multifeed DetectionOverlap detection (Ultrasonic sensor), Length detection
Feed Roller Replacement200.000 sheets
DriverDownload Driver
ManualDownload Manual
BrochureDownload Brochure
FeaturesAutomatic color detection, Automatic rotation, Blank Page Detection, MultiStream, Automatic Cropping, Edge Correction, Streaks Correction, Background Cleaning, Deskew, Hole Punch Removal, Manual Feed Mode, Document Separation, Barcode Recognition, OCR, Zonal OCR

Canon DR-C240 Datasheet Explained

With the Canon DR-C240 you can capture a dimmension of 8.27 in x 11.69 in.

A scanner such as the Canon DR-C240, reaches an optical resolution of 600.

The sensor mounted in this equipment is a CIS sensor.

When you are thinking of data transfer, the scanner works with USB 2.0.

When you consider Sheets per minute in simplex mode, this value should be around 45.

If you try the duplex scanning mode, 90 Images every minute in duplex should be possible in optimum conditions

Scanning 4,000 documents should not be a problem, given this equipment’s daily Recommended volume.

When analyzing the standard interface you will understand that the Canon DR-C240 driver operates on Twain and ISIS.

You can assume the consumables to process about 600.000 office documents.

Specs for paper handling

The Overlap detection (Ultrasonic sensor), Length detection will take care of the Multifeed Detection, and prevent the feeding of 2 pages at the same time.

If you look at the the Size of the ADF of this scanner, you will notice that it can hold 60 pages .

When it comes to Document thickness the Canon DR-C240 is capable of handling paper of 7 to 56 lb..

With the Canon DR-C240 you will scan 118.1 in long documents, with the special Long Document Scanning Mode .

Canon DR-C240 accesories unboxing

The space the equipment ocupies on your desk is 11 x 10 x 10 inches.

Curious regarding the mass of the device? You ‘ll learn it is around 9 lbs.

In the box you will see the delivered apps: CaptureOnTouch 3, CapturePerfect, eCopy PDF Pro, Kofax VRS (for Canon).

Features for Productivity

The Automtic Page Size Detection is a setting that still amazes me today. It works very well with the Canon DR-C240 scanner.

You should use the Automatic Rotation of Images for non specific orientation. The Canon DR-C240 has such a setting and you can set it up in the driver.

A nice setting to have is the Document Auto Color Detection . It is enabled or disabled through the driver of the Canon DR-C240.

Affraid of manually removing white pages? Don’t be, as the White page detection is available with the Canon DR-C240.

I just love the Multi image output spec. It allows me to output files in color, black and white or grayscale in the same job

Quality of images

I have seen the Background Smoothing setting improve with every update of the driver, and it is the same case with the Canon DR-C240 scanner.

I preffer using the Page Margin Cleanup setting for text documents. I would not use it for photos though

Can you trust the Deskew document totally? Maybe not, but on the Canon DR-C240 it will work perfectly most of the time.

Perforated Page Correction is an option that is missing on the Canon DR-C240. I would have preffered it was available.|Would you buy a scanner without the Perforated Page Correction function as it is the case with the Canon DR-C240.

I enjoy using Streaks Filtering on text documents, but the scanner here is missing it.

Extra Features

Can you use the Canon DR-C240 to scan really old documents? It should work if you enable the Manual Feeding settings.

I can’t imagine scanning without Barcode Recognition . It really is a good separation or indexing method.

Are you currently using the Separate Documents Automatically ? I really encourage you to try Separate Documents Automatically with QR codes.

The Optical Character Recognition is mandatory on just about any scanner and the Canon DR-C240 comes as standard with it.

Have you worked with OCR Predefined Zone ? Try it, especially for forms processing.

Canon DR-C240 driver, manual & brochure

You will find drivers for Windows/Mac for the device at this link.

Do you already have this device and haven’t figured out how to use it? View the product manual on this page.

The official brochure can be downloaded on this site.

Canon DR-C240 vs Canon DR-M160II

Canon DR-C240

Canon DR-C240

Canon DR-M160II

Canon DR-M160II
Sheets per minuteLOSER45WINNER60
Images per minuteLOSER90WINNER120
Document ThicknessMISC7 to 56 lb.MISC7 to 68 lb.
Daily Duty CycleLOSER4,000 sheetsWINNER7,000 sheets
DimensionsMISC11 x 10 x 10 inchesMISC11 x 7 x 7 inches
WeightLOSER9 lbsWINNER7 lbs
PriceCheck price on AmazonCheck price on Amazon

Both document scanners have the same capture area of 8.27 in x 11.69 in.

When evaluating the sensors, you should know both equipment are using CIS technology.

If processing sheets that are longer, you will see that the Canon DR-C240 and the Canon DR-M160II, are equal at 118.1 in.

Network connection options? USB 2.0 for these devices.

If we look at actual scanning speed, the Canon DR-M160II can scan at 60 pages a minute meanwhile the other scanner can only do 45 ppm.

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Canon DR-C240 vs Canon DR-C230

Canon DR-C240

Canon DR-C240

Canon DR-C230

Canon DR-C230
Sheets per minuteWINNER45LOSER30
Images per minuteWINNER90LOSER60
Daily Duty CycleWINNER4,000 sheetsLOSER3,500 sheets
PriceCheck price on AmazonCheck price on Amazon

Looking at capture area, these devices can scan the same area of Canon DR-C230.

CIS sensors operate in the Canon DR-C240 and the Canon DR-C230.

If converting long documents, you will notice that the Canon DR-C240 and the Canon DR-C230, are similar at 118.1 in.

USB 2.0 is included with these devices.

If we look at actual digitization speed, the Canon DR-C240 can capture at 45 PPM meanwhile the other machine can only do 30 ppm.

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Canon DR-C240
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