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How many documents do you scan every day?


Around 10-15 pagesĀ A couple of document foldersI scan at least a couple of archive boxes
10-15 pages2-3 folders2-3 archive boxes
  • If you are only scanning documents around your office ocasionaly, you should choose the first option. This means scanning only happens when someone needs a certain document, or you are sending a contract that you have signed to the supplier.
  • When you are scanning a couple of document folders per day, this means scanning is part of the daily routine, but you are not really handling this only. So you will need a device that is robust enough to handle them, but not big and heavy so you are left with no space on your table.
  • You are actually doing scanning most of the time, if you are scanning archive boxes daily. This means a production scanner will be your only choice.


It seems you don’t scan a lot. Do you want to invest in a function to scan both sides automatically?


Yes, I want DuplexIt would be nice, but it’s not mandatory
Duplex yesDuplex NO
  • Duplex means scanning both sides of the paper in one pass. It’s definitely a nice feature to have, but sometimes you might not want to invest in it.
  • Simplex, or scanning only one side of the paper at once, means that you have a low amount of documents to scan, that such a feature will not be of great help to you.


What about connectivity? How you want to connect to your scanner ?


Wireless or Network ConnectionUSB will do just fine
  • Wireless and Network is definitely good to have when you are trying to get rid of cables, or you are scanning directly to different emails. Practically you are sending the scans outside your office. Or maybe you are using the scanner together with other colleagues of yours, so everything you scan needs to go to each of the users computer.
  • USB works best when you are using your computer to control the scanner and do the actual scanning. You are “the master” of the scanner and you won’t let anyone else touch it.


You are scanning low volumes, but are not the single user of the scanner. The wireless option is definitely a must, so you can choose one of these 2 devices.


Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1300 Compact Wi-Fi

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  • You like portable devices and want to carry the scanner with you even at home if possible.
  • Being stuck to scanning at your desk is not an option.
  • Wifi is a must, you would not have it any other way.

Fujitsu SCANSNAP IX1600 Wi-Fi

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  • You won’t share your scanner with others, but still want to be able to send scans through wireless.
  • Scanning speed is important and so is having the duplex feature.
  • The scanning software will allow you to occasionally scan even larger batches than what you are scanning on a day to day basis.
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