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Fujitsu Scanner for Mac

If you are looking for a good Fujitsu scanner for Mac, there are a couple of things you should know.

The scanning industry is focused on building drivers for computers running windows. That does not mean though they are totally ignoring MAC and Apple users, but that the selection is limited.

In this article, we will be taking you through the Fujitsu scanners that are totally compatible with Mac computers.

ModelScanning sizeSpeedConnectivityBatteryPrice
Scansnap IX1500

A430PPMWireless and USBNOCheck the price on Amazon
Scansnap ix1500 Black

A430PPMWireless and USBNOCheck the price on Amazon
Scansnap IX100

A45.2 sec / A4WirelessYESCheck the price on Amazon
Scansnap S1300i

A412PPMWireless and USBNOCheck the price on Amazon
Scansnap S1100i

A47.5 sec / A4Wireless and USBNOCheck the price on Amazon
Scansnap SV600

A3+3 sec / A3USBNOCheck the price on Amazon

Fujitsu scanners compatible with Apple Computers

As you probably know, Fujitsu offers two separate scanner series: the FI series and the Scansnap series.

Out of the two, the Fi series is more production-oriented, focusing on scanning larger volumes of documents.

The Scansnap series is focused on the growing market of occasional scanning of small batches. Its emphasis is on connectivity and integration with smart devices.

What we can tell you from the start, is that Macintosh environments are not yet suited for production scanning. This can definitely change with time, but a manufacturer like Fujitsu will only develop drivers once it has a lot of Apple customers using its products. 

In this sense, Fujitsu has chosen to target the OSX customers with their Scansnap series. Fujitsu considers that Mac users have smaller batches of documents and therefore only need low volume scanners. 

Fujitsu SCANSNAP IX1500 with Mac Driver

Fujitsu Scansnap ix1500 is the most important model of the Scansnap line of scanners. It is designed to handle around 400 pages per day. The scanning speed is 30ppm and the ADF capacity should be around 50 sheets.

It can digitize relatively large batches of documents in a heartbeat. The scanning process is simple and can be run for various types of documents. It is simple to use and can handle complex tasks.

With the intuitive touch screen, good scanning software and a wireless connection, you can scan paper, convert it to editable files and also use them in common applications.

The beauty of this scanner is that you can complete the entire scanning process from the touch screen. You can either pre-configure the jobs and profiles, or you can use a Wizzard if you are a new user. The number of pre-assigned profiles is around 30.

Scan records bigger than the average A4 size. Fold it in 2 parts ( or in half) and use the carrier sheet. Scan envelopes and other materials with the Manual Scan Mode.

If you use the Receipt Guide, you will be able to streamline the capture of all the details in your receipts. The image cleaning functions will clean your receipts in no time. And to make sure you don’t feed more than 1 paper at a time, the IX1500 is fitted with an ultrasonic sensor to alert you on multi feeds.

MAC OS Driver Compatibility: MacOS Mojave V10.14, Mac OS High Sierra v10.13, MacOS Sierra v10.12


At 400g and, a rechargeable battery that is built-in and WIFI, the Scansnap IX100 is probably the quickest and easiest mobile scanner to use and carry around.

Forget about data transmission cables, power supply and in general a wired connection. This is the ergonomics king when it comes to mobile scanning.

It is easy to use on the fly, considering that it always monitors the network around it, so users can connect immediately and start the scanning process. The scanner also features a “GI” processor that allows you connect to it as to an access point, providing on the fly Wi-Fi connectivity.

Your smartphone and tablet PC’s can connect through the Scansnap Connect App. This will allow for direct communication and operation with smart devices. The app can be download from the I-store or from Android Play.

Besides your standard A4 paper, the IX100 has two interesting scanning features: Dual Scan and Page Stitching.

Dual Scan allows you to scan 2 receipts, business cards or other small documents at the same time. This way you will save on scanning time and increase efficiency.

The Page Stitching feature is also interesting. This allows you to fold an A3 in half, and scan it in duplex. The bundled software will stitch both images together creating an A3 document.

MAC OS Driver Compatibility: MacOS Mojave v10.14, MacOS High Sierra v10.13, MacOS Sierra v10.12, OS X El Caitan v10.11, OS X Yosemite v10.10, OS X Mavericks v10.9, OS X Mountain Lion v10.8, Mac OS X Lion v10.7

Technical Specifications

As the Scansnap models are usually designed for low volume scanning, you can expect their technical specs to follow this line.

Therefore we will go over the specs of each machine, and also we will let you know which Apple product they are compatible with. 

Which scanner is right for you

Now, this isn’t an easy one. There are basically 5 Fujitsu Scansnap scanners that you can buy and will run on Mac.

To make this easier, we will try to segment them based on the type of user and its specific needs.

Fujitsu Scansnap ix100 – Best portable mac scanner 

Fujitsu Scanner for Mac - Fujistsu Scansnap IX100

+ It runs as a wireless scanner that is compatible with OSX and Apple products.
+ The scanner will run on a battery, scanning around 250 documents on a single charge.
+ It comes in a size and form factor that is perfect for moving around with you all day.

– The price could be a bit smaller, but I guess an extended warranty might be worth it.
– I would love an extended battery, but I guess 250 sheets is a lot of scanning on one charge.

Fujitsu scansnAP IX1500 – Best desktop scanner for osx

Fujitsu Scanner for Mac - Fujistsu Scansnap IX1500 Black

+ This model follows the successful Scansnap IX500, and its a question of evolution not revolution.
+ It features an SDK that lets you play with it if you are good at software development.
+ There is now a new version, the Fujitsu Scansnap IX1500 Black

– Scanning speed in simplex and duplex seems identical. I don’t know why, although it has an auto-duplex.
– Maybe a network connection would have helped, but I guess it’s more of a case for the more expensive FI-7300N model.

Check the price of the Scansnap IX1500 black on Amazon now!


If you are looking for a Fujitsu scanner for Mac, you have quite a lot of options.

When you need portability, just go for the Fujitsu Scansnap IX100 scanner. Small enough and with good specs it will do the job on OSX. Maybe a bit on the expensive side.

If you want a desktop scanner, then the new Scansnap IX1500 model should suit you well. It connects directly with most Apple computers and has a really good price.

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