Fujitsu fi-7460 | A3 Scanning is Cheaper but is it Any Good?

I’ve been expecting the Fujitsu FI-7460 for some time now. Fujitsu needed an A3 color duplex scanner that is cheaper than a Fujitsu FI 7600

This equipment qualifies as a departmental scanner, but given the speed and accuracy it has, you can easily scan 10.000 pages/day

While you will use it for A4 documents mostly, it will feel nice that the ocasional A3 will just sail through the scanner, given the wide range feeding ability this device has.
Fujitsu fi-7460 | A3 Scanning is Cheaper but is it Any Good?

ProductFormatScanning areaConnectivitySheets per minuteImages per minuteADF SizeDaily Duty CyclePrice

Fujitsu fi-7460

Fujitsu fi-7460
A311.69 in x 16.54 inUSB 3.060120100 sheets9,000 sheetsCheck price on Amazon

Fujitsu fi-7160

Fujitsu fi-7160
A48.27 in x 11.69 inUSB 3.06012080 sheets4,000 sheetsCheck price on Amazon

Fujitsu fi-7180

Fujitsu fi-7180
A48.27 in x 11.69 inUSB 3.08016080 sheets6,000 sheetsCheck price on Amazon

Fujitsu fi-7460 Specifications

Sheets per minute60
ADF Size100 sheets
Daily Duty Cycle9,000 sheets
Optical Resolution1200 dpi
Long Document220 in
ConnectivityUSB 3.0
InterfaceTwain and ISIS
Dimensions15 x 8 x 8 inches
Weight16 lbs
Bundled SoftwarePaperStream IP, PaperStream Capture and Scanner Central administrator software. Available for download: 2D Barcode Module for PaperStream, ScanSnap Manager for fi-series, Scan to Microsoft SharePoint, ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap
Images per minute120
Scanning area11.69 in x 16.54 in
Sensor typeCCD
Document Thickness7.2 to 112 lb.
Multifeed DetectionOverlap detection (Ultrasonic sensor), Length detection
Feed Roller Replacement200.000 sheets
ManualDownload Manual
BrochureDownload Brochure
DriverDownload Driver
FeaturesAutomatic color detection, Automatic rotation, Blank Page Detection, MultiStream, Automatic Cropping, Edge Correction, Streaks Correction, Background Cleaning, Deskew, Hole Punch Removal, Manual Feed Mode, Document Separation, Barcode Recognition, OCR, Zonal OCR

Fujitsu fi-7460 Datasheet Explained

With this color duplex document scanner, you should be able to scan a document with a nominal area of 11.69 in x 16.54 in.

It’s not a lot of scanning equipment that can achieve 1200dpi true optical resolution, like the Fujitsu fi-7460.

The CCD sensor fitted in this scanner allows for good color depth and also scanning depth. 

Given that the scanner works through USB3.0, the data transfer should be really quick.

The rated speed of the scanner is 60 sheets A4 every minute in simplex mode. Setting the scanner in color duplex landscape mode, you should get around 120 A4 images each minute.

If you try the duplex scanning mode, 120 Documents per minute in duplex mode should be possible in optimum conditions

Given this scanners Estimated volume, you will be able to optimally scan 9,000 sheets a day.

Regarding the scanner interface, you should know that the scanner works on Twain and ISIS.

If you have to replace consumables, then probably they have gone through around 200.000 documents.

Specs for paper handling

To prevent double feeding, this equipment uses an Overlap detection (Ultrasonic sensor) and the Length detection setting. The intelligent multifeed option lets you skip falsely detected double feeds.

The device also features an intelligent sonic paper protection sensor to prevent a lot of jams from happening.

When considering this product, take into account that the ADF capacity can accommodate up to 100 sheets. This means around 100 standard weight sheets. If you have thicker documents and plastic cards this value will reduce dramatically. 

When it comes to the thickness of the document, the Fujitsu fi-7460 is capable of handling a paper of 7.2 to 112 lb. The straight paper path and feeding mechanism give the scanner a wide range feeding ability.

Id’s, plastic cards, mixed size feeding ability including regular A8 to A3 paper, all these make the scanner a great choice when it comes to versatility.

With the Fujitsu fi-7460, you can scan 220 in long documents. To do this you will have to enable the special Long Document Scanning Mode. You must activate these functions to ensure reliable long document feeding, otherwise, you might get errors or jams.

Fujitsu fi-7460 accessories unboxing

The equipment has a dimension of 15 x 8 x 8 inches. It’s not a small scanner, but for an A3 it’s small enough. The feeding mechanism can be lowered when not scanning, therefore becoming even smaller.

Are you curious about the weight of the scanner? You’ll learn that it is around 16 lbs, which makes it a good choice, compared to other A3 scanners.

In the package, you will find the delivered apps: PaperStream IP and PaperStream Capture. The scanner drivers are in the Paperstream IP application 

The maintenance and administration apps, such as the Scanner Central Admin software.

Also available for download: 2D Barcode Module for PaperStream, ScanSnap Manager for fi-series, Scan to Microsoft SharePoint, ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap.

If you’ve also ordered your scanner with a carrier sheet, then you might just be able to easily scan A2 documents and plastic cards. It really is a great choice for efficient scanning of thicker items, such as IDs and plastic Cards.


Features for Productivity

The Auto Page Size is a setting that still amazes me today. It works very well with the Fujitsu fi-7460 scanner and I could not scan without it. 

I always turn on the Automated Rotation of Documents for pages that are not homogenous in their orientation. A mix of portrait and landscape documents will be handled by this setting immediately, and most of the time it will be correct.

The Auto Color Detection of documents is something we could not imagine the Fujitsu fi-7460 not having. I am not sure, but I don’t think there is a scanner today that does not have it.

When was the last time you had to remove blank pages manually? The Fujitsu fi-7460 will do this automatically when you use the Blank Document Detection and Removal function. 

The Fujitsu fi-7460 can process the same documents with different settings in a single job. This called MultiStream and it’s a great tool when you are making copies for archiving and distribution in a single scan.

Quality of images

The Background removal setting is great at cleaning pages and will just improve with every update issued by Fujitsu.

Have you tried using the Edge Margin Cleanup for images? I have seen this setting not work correctly on full colored images, but for most documents it’s perfect.

DO you trust the Deskew function for documents totally? Maybe not, but on this scanner, it will work with no issues in most cases. 

Remember the nasty black holes on the side of the paper? The Hole Removal option will cover them in your scans and you can enable this in the Fujitsu fi-7460 driver.

Should you turn on the Streak Detection and Correction for all types of documents? Especially for text-based documents, I recommend you to do it.

Extra Features

When scanning fragile documents, Feeding Paper by Hand will help you scan safely with this scanner. Of course, this is the case with all scanners on the market. 

I can’t imagine scanning without Detecting Barcodes through the software. It really is a good separation or indexing method, and especially with QR codes, it’s really good. 

Always check if the Automatic Separation of documents is free on the scanner. I have seen some manufacturers selling the barcode option as an extra, but in this case it’s included with the Paperstream Capture software. 

It’s safe to say that Optical Character Recognition is something no scanner should miss. Scanning is not possible without it today and I can’t image working without it. 

Would you scan forms without the Field and Zonal OCR module? I enjoy the Zonal OCR setting too much not to use it, especially for matching forms.

Fujitsu fi-7460 driver, manual & brochure

The software driver for the Fujitsu fi-7460 can be installed from here.

Do you already have this device and don’t know how you use it? Download the official manual at this link.

should you need to find some more detailed info, you can try downloading the brochure at this link.

Fujitsu fi-7460 vs Fujitsu fi-7160

Fujitsu fi-7460

Fujitsu fi-7460

Fujitsu fi-7160

Fujitsu fi-7160
Scanning areaWINNER11.69 in x 16.54 inLOSER8.27 in x 11.69 in
ADF SizeWINNER100 sheetsLOSER80 sheets
Daily Duty CycleWINNER9,000 sheetsLOSER4,000 sheets
DimensionsMISC15 x 8 x 8 inchesMISC12 x 6 x 6 inches
WeightLOSER16 lbsWINNER9.2 lbs
PriceCheck price on AmazonCheck price on Amazon

But which one of these can capture a larger area? The Fujitsu fi-7460. It can scan an area of 11.69 in x 16.54 in meanwhile the other one is only able to digitize an area of 8.27 in x 11.69 in.

Both the Fujitsu fi-7460 and the Fujitsu fi-7160 use CCD sensor.

When converting sheets that are longer, you will notice that both the Fujitsu fi-7460 and the Fujitsu fi-7160, are similar at 220 in.

These document scanners have built-in the same connection options with USB 3.0 included.

Both of these two scanners, the Fujitsu fi-7460 and Fujitsu fi-7160 will scan at the same speed which is 60 documents every 60 seconds.

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Fujitsu fi-7460 vs Fujitsu fi-7180

Fujitsu fi-7460

Fujitsu fi-7460

Fujitsu fi-7180

Fujitsu fi-7180
Scanning areaWINNER11.69 in x 16.54 inLOSER8.27 in x 11.69 in
Sheets per minuteLOSER60WINNER80
Images per minuteLOSER120WINNER160
ADF SizeWINNER100 sheetsLOSER80 sheets
Daily Duty CycleWINNER9,000 sheetsLOSER6,000 sheets
DimensionsMISC15 x 8 x 8 inchesMISC12 x 6 x 6 inches
WeightWINNER16 lbsLOSER19.4 lbs
PriceCheck price on AmazonCheck price on Amazon

The scanning area on the Fujitsu fi-7460 (Approx. 11.69 in x 16.54 in) is bigger than what we find in the Fujitsu fi-7180 which has a surface of 8.27 in x 11.69 in.

If you are checking the sensors, you should understand both equipment are using CCD technology.

When converting long documents, you will see that both the Fujitsu fi-7460 and the Fujitsu fi-7180, are the same at 220 in.

These scanners have the same connection options with USB 3.0 included.

When looking at actual scanning speed, the Fujitsu fi-7180 can digitize at 80 pages every minute while the other document scanner can only do 60 ppm.

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Fujitsu fi-7460
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