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DocketPORT 687 is a smart scanner for Images / Minute: 16 IPM and Max. document size: 4.13 in. 10 in. (105x 254 mm). While its dimensions ADF Tray and Weight are given below that may not put it in favorite category.

ADF Tray: This product doesn’t have this feature.
Dimensions: 8 in. x 1.7 in. x 2.6 in. (20.3 x 4.3 x 6.6 cm) Weight: 0.7 lb. (0.31 kg)
ProductImages / MinuteResolutionConnectivityDuplex ScanningADF TrayWeightPrice

DocketPORT 687

DocketPORT 687
16 IPM600 dpiUSB 2.0 (1.1 and 3.0 compatible)YesNo0.7 lb. (0.31 kg)Click for more info
Our choice

Fujitsu Scansnap S1300i

Fujitsu Scansnap S1300i
24 IPM600 dpiUSB 2.0, USB 1.1YesYes3.08 lb. (1.4 kg)Click for more info

Doxie Q

Doxie Q
8 IPM600 dpiWi-Fi, micro USBNoYes1.79 lb. (0.81 kg)Click for more info

DocketPORT 667

DocketPORT 667
20600 dpiUSB 2.0 hardware compatible with USB 1.1 (USB 1.1 speed performance)NoNo0.53 lb. (0.24 kg)Click for more info

DocketPORT 687 Specifications

Images / Minute16 IPM
Resolution600 dpi
ConnectivityUSB 2.0 (1.1 and 3.0 compatible)
InterfaceTWAIN, WIA
Max. document size4.13 in. x 10 in. (105 x 254 mm)
Sensor typeCIS
Paper thicknessPlain paper
Dimensions8 in. x 1.7 in. x 2.6 in. (20.3 x 4.3 x 6.6 cm)
Weight0.7 lb. (0.31 kg)
Included SoftwareN/A
DriverDownload Driver
ManualDownload User Manual
BrochureDownload Brochure
FeaturesDuplex Scanning, Automatic Color Detection, Automatic Image Rotation, Automatic Image Cropping, Background Removal, Automatic Deskew, Punch Hole Removal, OCR included, ADF Tray

What’s so special about it?

The DocketPORT 687 has everything you need to search for your sim phone. It begins with USB input, which reduces the need for a power outlet, while a small size ensures that the DP687 suits crowded tables, handheld carts or any Duplex scanning laptop bag. When you need all the identification and insurance card information, the DocketPORT 687 is the job scanner. Catch the front and back of any card in a single pass, offering you the relevant photos you need in half the time. Handles all kinds of cards: Patient Identification. Insurance tickets, and Driver’s License. You’ve got a whole lot of cards to check. The DocketPORT 687 handles them with ease. Professional hardware captures clear images of everything in secondseven cards with raised characters. It’s highly compatible. The DocketPORT 687 enhanced TWAIN driver ensures that it is compatible with thousands of software applications and a wide range of hardware. It also ensures that the DP687 delivers improved image quality with built-in auto-crop and deskew functionality.

DocketPORT 687 Datasheet Explained

Images can be scanned directly at a speed of between 30 and 50 frames per minute. It can also be scanned to PDF, JPEG and TIFF file formats in different formats, such as images. DocketPORT 687 supports scanning paper sizes up to A6.

Both DocketPORT scanners are lightweight and very effective in scanning. DocketPORT 687 resolution is up to 600dpi. The scanned picture in this resolution appears more like the truth.

This ultra compact duplex id card scanner is equipped with a Mini-USB 2.0 cable with a 6ft (SA116-CB) cable. All this networking renders things easier for plug and play. DocketPORT 687 has a USB port and the scanner can be USB powered, no need for a separate AC adapter.

The maximum scanning size of the document is 4.13″x 10″ (105 mm x 254 mm) using the DocketPORT 687 scanner. The device allows a screen thickness of up to 1,5 mm. The scanner has a document size A6 scanning option for ID card scanning. You can use it as a business card scanner too. Drivers Licenses and plastic cards can be scanned .

Features for Productivity

The DocketPORT 687 scanner provides duplex scanning. Users can scan documents on both sides at a time. Use can save valuable time by using this scanning feature.

An automated color detection option is available in the DocketPORT 687 scanner, which gives ease of use. The scanner also has the ability to rotate the image automatically. The user is allowed to rotate the image orientation. This rotation feature makes this product more attractive to its users.

After completion of scanning, DocketPORT 687 enables users to crop images as needed. Many period more region needs to be added or sometimes the customer wants to reduce the scanning field, so the DocketPORT 687 scanner will be the best option for them. The DocketPORT 687 scanner does not provide users with context detection choices..

Quality of images

The DocketPORT 687 Scanner has the built-in Automatic Deskew facility in its software. During scanning, if the papers were not properly aligned or due to any fault papers were not scanned straight away, users may manage things using the Automatic Deskew function and can get scanned documents up to a certain level.

The Punch Hole Removal (PHR) feature is not available on the DocketPORT 687 scanner. Many days, the records are punched before reading, or they can be put in a file folder where you need to make a hole in your articles. The user wants that the sign should not show at the scanning point in the scan production.

Usually, after scanning documents are converted to images and content can not be searched or edited. While OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is available in the DocketPORT 687 scanner, which converts your documents into characters and even makes things searchable in other formats. Thanks to this function, scanning production started saving in several other formats instead of photos only..

DocketPORT 687 accesories unboxing

The ADF (automatic document feeder) tray is a great feature of a scanner. Users will through their documents in a scanner tray that they want to search. The scanner will continue to work on its scanning task and the user will be free at that time. However, this feature is not available in DocketPORT 687.

The dimensions of the 687 DocketPORT scanners are 8 in. x 1.7. x 2.6. 20.3x 4.3x 6.6 cm. This is quite useful and clever for the effective use of scanning functions. For compact footprint scanners, weight and measurements are special features that make them smarter than others. The weight of the scanner DocketPORT 687 is 0.7 lb. (0.31 kg). (0.31 kg) but it is a decently durable and reliable device.

The DocketPORT 687 scanner has broad compatibility with Windows 10/8/7 Windows Vista / XP/2000 operating system. The scanner’s functionality is user-friendly and secure for consumers. Docketport sayss the Included software conveniently delivers industry standard PDF output which means it can scan images and create a PDF file.

The DocketPort brand is part of the Ambir group, the ones that make the ambir imagescan pro and ambir nscan duplex document scanners. Docketport also makes the docketport dp667 beside the duplex a6 id card scanner we are reviewing here. You can find more product descriptions and related products together with user guides and other office products on Docketport’s website.


DocketPORT 687 driver, manual & brochure

Driver The driver of DocketPORT 687 scanner is auto executable and even non-technical people deal with it easily.

The driver can be downloaded from the below link. Manual DocketPORT 687 scanner is equipped with a manual which helps users for managing such kind of issues. Manual can be downloaded from the below link. Brochure The detailed brochure of the DocketPORT 687 scanner is having all the information required by the user of this scanner.

Detail overview of product, features, and specifications are also depicted in the brochure. The brochure can be downloaded from the below link. tLEPL.pdf.

What do real users say?

The DocketPORT 687 scanner works fine for the PC. It’s a nice product for both individual uses and business settings. You need to manage a common drive or folder for a multiuser format. Even A6 paper size and card media can also be scanned and included in its top feature list. It has multiple output settings and can be customized as per user requirements. A variety of paper sizes can be scanned from ID cards to A6 papers. Somewhere, the performance needs to be improved. Clinical research and 64K computing equipment may not be assisted. Overall, this is a good scanner for this price range and design. The size and weight render it more customer-oriented. Wooot. <!–
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