Zeutschel OS Q2 Book Scanner | Review of a linear A2 device in 2023

The Zeutschel OS Q2 bookscanner is the A2 solution the manufacturer currently offers in it’s product range. It is supposed to be a high end bookscanner, with cutting edge line sensor technology.

The device comes with an interesting book cradle, which the manufacturer has fitted before on it’s A2 bookscanner. But now, the device has this all new camera, which promises to be a game changing technology.

Follow close the Fadgi and metamorfoze claims, which Zeutschel says it currently meets fully with this device.
Zeutschel OS Q2 Book Scanner | Review of a linear A2 device in 2023

ProductAutomation levelScanning areaSpeed (Quality mode)ResolutionScanning glassPrice

Zeutschel OS Q2

Zeutschel OS Q2
Semi-Automatic (The user has to turn the page)A2 (16.5 x 23.4)900 pages/hour600 dpiIncludedClick for more info

Klip Snap

Klip Snap
Semi-Automatic (The user has to turn the page)18.1 in x 11.8 in720 pages / hour300 dpiYesClick for more info

Zeutschel OS Q2 Specifications

Book CradleFlat
Automation levelSemi-Automatic (The user has to turn the page)
Scanning areaA2 (16.5 x 23.4)
Speed (Fast mode)1200 pages/hour
Speed (Quality mode)900 pages/hour
Resolution600 dpi
Sensor typeCMOS
Color Depth24 bit
File FormatsTIFF, JPG, PDF
Accessoriesinterchangeable tables, book cradles, cameras and lenses
Scanning glassIncluded
Dimensions59 in x 39.4 in x 98.5 in (150 cm x 100 cm x 250 cm)
Weight200 lbs ( 90kg )
Warranty1 year

Zeutschel OS Q2 Accessories and options

First of all, as we were saying before, the bookcradle on the scanner is flat. This means it opens at 180 degrees and compensates left and right for the different book thickness and page evolution during the scanning process.

On top of this book cradle you have the flattening glass plate, which is laid perfectly on top of the book, creating a flat surface that is much easier to capture at good quality. Up until this point, is things as usual with Zeutschel devices.

Something that is a bit difficult to manage is the size of the device. It’s a really big device, considering it will only work for A2 books and documents. And also the weight, which reaces around 90kg.

Zeutschel OS Q2 features

The manufacturer advertises this device as Semi Automatic, given that it comes with a glass that releases up after each scanned page. But in all fairness the user will have to put it down manually, after turning each page.

A great thing about this scanner is the things you can change on it. The manufacturer claims that even camera and lenses, but I guess you won’t go into that. More important is to have the interchangeable tables and especially the book cradles.

As you know, the book cradle is critical in any scanning process of books. Even in this case, you don’t have to worry. There are different cradles, and also a support to get to 120 degree and scan full size 2xA2 books, page by page.

Zeutschel OS Q2 Technical specs

As you already know the scanning area is close to A2. Actually it’s a bit bigger than A2, so you can pretty much scan just about any book out there.

The claimed scanning speed is 1200 pages per hour, but this is almost impossible to achieve in practice. I would say close to 800 pages in fast mode, should be a really good productivity level.

This device uses Camera Link technology, for which you usually have a PC card in your computer. But Zeutschel will make sure everything is up to scratch and working when they deliver the device to you.

Zeutschel OS Q2 Image quality

The image quality on this scanner is something the manufacturer raves about. It is claimed to meet Fadgi and Metamorfoze standards, which these days seems something that a lot of people tend to be interested in.

It has all the hallmarks of a good book scanning capturing system. It is a linear camera, that moves directly on top of the document, and it features a good lighting system to make sure everything is even.

In all fairness, I don’t see it as a game changer, but it’s definitely not a bad capturing camera. It’s really a good linear scanning system, which will yield decent results, and sometimes way above standards, given that it has the linear lighting for even image.

Zeutschel OS Q2 Software & File formats

The good old Omniscan software still works today. Of course, it has had its share of evolution, with improved design and features, but for past users, it will be something they are quite familiar with.

Output files are pretty much standard, from PDF, Jpg and even Tiff images. Nowadays really, with the ever so changing demands from customers, these standards are enough, because every file usually goes into a different solution where it is indexed and registered.

Zeutschel OS Q2 vs Klip Snap

Here are the key differences between these two book scanners:

Let’s start with the things that are common. The scanning sensor in both is linear, so expect to have quite even images in both scanners. Of course, the capturing unit in the Zeutschel is state of the art, so the scanning quality will be much much better. But even so, the principle is identical.

Another thing that both offer is the flat bookcradle and flattening glass. They work practically identically in both cases, moving the cradles up and down, and the glass just flattening the book pages as needed.

Now the differences. Well, the Zeutschel offers much better scanning quality and much more accurate colors and geometry. This is because of the scanning geometry first of all. On the Zeutschel the camera and light move perfectly at 90 degrees over the document. It’s not the case with the Klip Snap and the Fujitsu, which move from an angle, on top of the document.

And last but not least we got the scanning size, which is double in the case of the Zeutschel OS Q2. But also the price is almost 20 times more, so the Klip Snap is not that bad of a proposition.

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Zeutschel OS Q2
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