Used and Refurbished Book Scanners for Sale | Updated January 2024

In this post, we are collecting data from different vendors on what used book scanners they are currently selling. We will update this list every month and let you know what the best deals are at the moment.

We will feature devices from 2xA4, 2xA3, and even up to A0 or larger. We are trying to get all the info required on these devices to make sure you are getting the correct information. Please contact us for a price quote or for more devices at

DeviceManufacturerScanning sizeResolutionBook CradleConditionPrice
1Bookeye4 V1A 
Bookscanner for large books, newspapers, Periodicals
Image AccessUp to A1+ ( 900 x 630mm )600dpi180-degree self-leveling, with flattening glassRefurbished and inspected with the latest service pack installed12000 EUR
2Qidenus Smart A1
V shape book scanner
Qidenus Up to 2 x A2 ( 2 x 594 x 420 mm )400dpiV shape cradle with flattening glassRefurbished and inspected, without cameras9000 EUR
3Bookeye 4 V2 
A2 Bookscanner with BSW software
Used Bookeye 4 book scanner. 19.01.2024
Image AccessUp to A2+ ( 440 x 620mm )400dpiV mode or flat mode without glassUsed3500 EUR
4Bookeye 4 V1A
Bookscanner for large books, newspapers, Periodicals
Image Access Up to A1+ ( 900 x 630mm )600dpi 180-degree self-leveling, with flattening glassAlmost new, only 5k scans with the latest service pack installed16500 EUR
5Archive A2
A2 BookScanner for registers and bound documents
Archive PROup to A2 ( 594 x 420mm)300dpi 180-degree self-leveling, with flattening glassEquipment is new9500 EUR
6Qidenus Mastered
A2 Semi-Automatic V shape book scanner
Qidenusup to 2 x A3 ( 2 x 420x 310mm )400dpiV shape cradle with semi-automatic V shape glass plateRefurbished and inspected, without cameras18000 EUR

What is the condition of the book scanners

We aggregate data on used book scanners from manufacturers, resellers, and even end users selling their scanners. While we can’t always be sure of the exact condition, we will try to get all the data from the seller regarding their condition. Sometimes, we will put you in contact directly with them, this way it is easier for you to decide if the scanner is ok.

New condition – This means the scanner has not been used or has been used for the QC which usually means 100-200 scans, just to make sure the condition is ok before delivery.

Refurbished – means that the device has been serviced either by the manufacturer or the authorized technician and usually has up-to-date software and changed mechanics.

Used – This means the device has been used and taken out of production. Sometimes they have been serviced, but most of the time they are taken out so they can be changed with other scanners.

Other conditions will be mentioned in the condition column for each device in part. Feel free to ask us about more details regarding the scanning app installed on those devices.

Which used book scanner is for me

We know the book scanning industry quite well. While it is easier for us to get asked about a particular device, and just send you a quote, feel free to give us more information on your projects. This way we can recommend devices or even upgrades, that make the book scan process more reliable and easier.

As you probably know, there are various camera technologies, such as CCD or CIS. Then we have different book cradles, different scanning sizes, and also the mechanics, automatic, semi-automatic, or manual book scanners. Just get in touch with us and we will be happy to recommend different devices.

Another thing you should consider is the book scanner app. We will do everything we can to recommend the scanner app that is best suited for your needs. The scanning app is one of the main aspects you should take into account when buying a second hand book scanner. Whether you are trying to sell books online or you just need to do quick scanning, the software is your main partner into this process.

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