#006 – Kofax and AIIM launch an interesting ebook

Kofax and AIIM have focused on developing this new ebook on the approach to digital workflow transformation. As you can expect, this is another piece of content into this topic, which is obviously getting more important as time passes.

The pandemic itself has definitely helped things move at a higher pace. Digital transformation seems to be more important than ever nowadays, especially with remote working and a demand for improved resource management.

What is digital transformation

To understand this better we have to look at both sides of the picture. For most of us, digital transformation is more or less moving to a more computerized society, using your smartphone all the time, having a tablet and running your business while using smart tools.

While this may be true, there is a lot more to digital transformation than just smartphones and tablets. It’s more of a standardized way of working and streamlined workflows in general. Clear steps and unavoidable checks which make the processes much more reliable and results of better quality.

If you look at big tech companies and apps, Facebook or Instagram, all the checks, balances and strict workflow inside the companies lead to better and much improved user friendliness. Not to mention scalability, which is the main thing that digital transformation stands for.

To scale things in such ways and to such heights, going digital is not really a choice rather it’s mandatory. There is no way to go around it, there are so many steps, processes of greater and lower difficulty or even checks and balances, that it’s highly inefficient to run them manually.

Where does Kofax fit into digital transformation

I always thought that Kofax had one great product initially, and evolved through lack of competition up to a certain point. By that time, they were so big that it was really hard to take them down. And what did they do? They went all in, starting to purchase different companies and also developing in house products and solutions.

To name a few, Kofax Capture has always been the most impressive tool Kofax has. It was in a time and space where there was nothing to compare it to. It evolved naturally and was a logical step from the VRS solution. It was Kofax heading into data collection, not just aiding the process.

While this tool was mainly recommended for larger companies, as its implementations usually featured lots of users, it was not a mainstream product. But people in the industry always knew about it and considered it for different projections. Even if it lost to competitors, it would usually either go down because of price, or because another solution was narrowly focused for such applications.

Is digital transformation at its peak ?

If you think digital transformation is at its peak, you are so wrong. This process has just started, and I expect things to steer heavily in that direction in the future. The shift will be moving away from converting physical processes to digital ones, rather it will be to create new, from scratch digital workflows.

These are the things we expect to see in the next years. Concerning Kofax, they will have to move from interaction with paper documents and forms, to handling digital solutions from the start. I think this is where we have the biggest shoes to fill and where we should expect the greatest progress in the next period.

To read this and get more information go to the Kofax website and check things out.

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