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006 Kodak Alaris E1025 E1035 Document Scanner

The Kodak Alaris E1025 and the Kodak Alaris E1035 document scanner are part of the new line of E1000 series. 

The E1000 series scanner will have to be a reliable workhorse at home and even for light office use. At the same time, they will face tough competition from other manufacturers fighting in the compact design scanner market.

If you want to learn more about this scanner and its software, dive right through into this review.

Document ScannerScanning SpeedDocument SizeDaily VolumeConnectivityPrice
1Kodak Alaris E1025

25 pages per minute / 50 images per minute216 mm x 356 mm3000 sheetsUSB 2.0 compatible with USB 3.0Check the price on Amazon 
2Kodak Alaris E1035

35 pages per minute / 70 images per minute216 mm x 356 mm4000 sheetsUSB 2.0 compatible with USB 3.0Check the price on Amazon

Kodak Alaris E1000 Series Overview

Kodak Alaris aims to deliver the E1025 and E1035 to users working from home, in the office or in small scale administration jobs. For example, the scanner will have to fit perfectly in a reception or even to assistant managers.

As long as your are dealing with low to medium volumes of paper, this equipment should be the perfect desktop scanner.

As we see it, this document scanner respects the trend of small machines that can be placed just about everywhere. It’s not purposed for large volume scanning.

Its task is to process small volumes in busy environments, such as healthcare, financial and banking or even customer service counters.

If you are wondering how many pages per day can this scanner do, well, the volume is around 3500, which is more than enough for most environments.

Features of the Kodak E1025 and 1035 scanners

There are a couple of interesting features we like about this scanner. We are really focused on those aspects that make it user friendly, give that it’s a small office document scanner.

The intelligent document protection is an interesting feature, designed to listen to any crumpling sound if a damaged paper goes through the scanner. This will stop the scanning immediately, making sure you don’t damage the document any further. It is featured on the Kodak Alaris E1025 scanner and the E1035.

The auto document feeder will hold around 80 sheets, which is within the market range. We would have prefer a larger ADF capacity, but for such a small scanner, this will work just fine.

Kodak Alaris Smart Touch

While other scanners need a software to run on the PC or Mac, the Kodak E1025 and E1035 have a more simple operating procedure. Power on takes less than 10 seconds, while choosing from one of the 9 predefined scanning programs. 

Kodak lets you program 9 separate scanning profiles on the touch screen. Practically you just turn on the scanner, let it boot up, put the paper in the ADF and select the scanning profile you want. 

Such a feature is a mandatory one these days. Especially for these desktop scanners, it allows us to simplify the operational aspects of document scanning.  

It’s not really onetouch scanning, but the predefined scanning buttons will do the job really well. 

Improved image quality with Perfect Page technology

Kodak Alaris markets itself as a high quality scanner manufacturer. Perfect Page is the technology that uses specific image enhancement procedures to deliver accurate and clear scans of documents. 

The technology therefore includes deskew, despeckle and automatic contrast and brightness adaption for each scan. The algorithm processes each image independently and corrects accordingly. 

Especially in a busy office environment, you need clean scans out of the box. The times when scanning operators would clean each image independently are long gone. 

If you are in an office environment where you are using Kodak Capture to scan documents, the integration will be very easy. 

Alaris Passport Flatbed Integration

Especially for customer service counters, hotel lobby or even administration, this option works great. 

It’s a small flatbed unit that can be docked under the ADF scanning unit, without the need of extra driver installation. 

Therefore you have a great all in one to scan passports, id cards or other small and fragile documents. 

We really like this option, especially because it’s mounted directly under the main scanning unit, which takes less space. 

Should you buy the Kodak E1025 or E1035 scanner

It’s probably to early to say if you should buy it or not. 

The price aspect will be significant. It has to cost more or less the same as its competitors. The market is very competitive nowadays, even for document scanners. 

Another aspect that involves the pricing, is the cost of the passport flatbed scanning unit. Yes, it is a great option, that could make all the difference when buying the machine. 

But at the same time, if it costs a lot, then for most customers it won’t make to buy the option. And then, one of the main selling points of this scanner will disappear. 

Kodak Alaris has published the MSRP Price, and we think it’s really competitive.

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