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Fujitsu FI-7900 Scanner

In the scheme of things, the Fujitsu Fi-7900 actually makes sense, a bit more sense than the FI 7800.

Of course, it also costs more, but the Fi-7900 will scan at 140 pages per minute, which sets it up quite well against the Panasonic KV-S8147.

All in all, we think you should go through this article, as it will definitely convince you to buy the machine.

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Technical Specifications of the Fujitsu Fi 7900

Scanning area304.8 mm x 431.8 mm (12 in. x 17 in.)
Sensor typeCCD
Long Document304.8 mm x 5,588 mm (12 in. x 220 in. )
ConnectivityUSB 2.0 and USB 1.1
Speed Simplex140 PPM
Speed Duplex280 IPM
ADF Size500 Sheets
Document Thickness5.4 to 56 lb (20 to 209 g/m2)
Daily Duty Cycle120.000 sheets
Multifeed DetectionOverlap detection (Ultrasonic sensor), Length detection
Feed Roller Replacement600.000 sheets
FeaturesAutomatic color detection, Automatic rotation, Blank Page Detection, MultiStream, Automatic Cropping, Edge Correction, Streaks Correction, Background Cleaning, Deskew, Hole Punch Removal, Manual Feed Mode, Document Separation, Barcode Recognition, OCR, Zonal OCR

You can digitize a document with the maximum area of A3 or 304.8 mm x 431.8 mm (12 in. x 17 in.).

A scanner like this one is operating using a CCD sensor. This scanner connects with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1.

Expect a scanning speed of up to 140 Pages per minute in simplex mode. The duplex mode achieves 280 images per minute for this scanner. 

Given this scanners Duty Cycle, you will be able to optimally scan 120,000 sheets a day. You will see an average yield of 600,000 scanned before you’ll have to Replace the feed Rollers.

Paper Handling

This device is capable of scanning long pages up to 304.8 mm x 5,588 mm (12 in. x 220 in.), with its Long Document Scanning Mode feature.

The maximum Document Thickness that the Fujitsu FI-7800 can process is around 5.4 to 56 lb (20 to 209 g/m2). You will have to work with an ADF SIZE of 500 documents, on this machine. 

The Multifeed Detection on the scanner works by using the Ultrasonic sensor and Length detection to make sure no double feeds happen.

Productivity Features on the Fujitsu FI-7900

A nice setting to have is Document Auto Color Detection. It is enabled or disabled through the driver of the Fujitsu FI-7800. 

The driver of the Fujitsu FI-7800 offers Automatic Rotation of Images, and it is easy to use it.

Afraid of manually removing white pages? Don’t be, as the Blank page detection is available with the Fujitsu FI-7800. Black dots on the side of the document?

I just love the Multi-image output spec. It allows me to output files in color, black and white or grayscale in the same job.

Most of the time, i prefer using the biggest scanning size and just enable the Automatic Page Size Detection, especially for mixed documents.

Image Enhancement features

A long time ago for sure. Sometimes the Edge Correction function might not work correctly. For the Fujitsu FI-7800 with colored images.

Should you have the Streaks Detection function always turned on? Especially for text documents, I recommend you leave it on.

Gone are the days when post-processing of documents is required. With the Background Removal option, your documents will have a perfect background.

When you have bad quality paper going through the Fujitsu FI-7800, just keep the Deskew document box active and you should have perfectly aligned pages.

Tick the Correct Punched Holes box and your Fujitsu FI-7800 scanner will fill them automatically.

EXTRA features

When scanning fragile documents, this Manual Feeding setting will help you scan safely with the Fujitsu FI-7800. 

For predefined forms, I prefer the Field Indexing, just like with other standardized documents.

I can’t imagine scanning without Barcode Recognition. It really is a good separation or indexing method.

Are you currently using the Auto Document Separation? I really encourage you to try Auto Document Separation with QR codes.

When was the last time you bought a scanner without Optical Character Recognition? The Fi 7900 won’t let you down, as it has such an option.

Software and drivers

As with any other Fujitsu scanner in the current line up, this model comes with Paperstream IP. It’s a Twain or ISIS driver, that works both on 32bit and 64bit.

If you have used a Fujitsu scanner before, the Paperstream IP is nearly identical to that of other scanners that the manufacturer produces. So it’s easy to move around and learn its secrets.

Both the Fi 7800 and Fi 7900 come as standard with Paperstream Capture. This is the bundled scanning software that Fujitsu offers. If you pay a little extra, you can buy Paperstream Capture Pro, which is the more advanced solution.

Fujitsu claims that Paperstream Capture Pro will rival the Kofax Express software. I don’t know about that, but it does cost a lot less than the Kofax alternative.

Editor’s opinion

The Fujitsu Fi-7900 is definitely a more interesting prospect than the FI-7800.

While the second one seems more like a marketing departments effort to fit in a product, the FI-7900 is definitely a more polished machine. With a scanning speed of 140PPM, it is currently the fastest Fujitsu scanner in history.

Combined with a duty cycle of around 120.000 sheets per day, the FI-7900 can now fight with the big boys, especially the Panasonic KV-S8147.

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