Fujitsu Fi-6770 Consumables Kit | Scan Aid CG01000-527601

In this article, we will talk about Fujitsu Fi-6770 Consumables Kit.

As you probably know, this kit works just as well in the Fujitsu Fi 6670 scanner. A maintenance kit contains the roller assemblies, pads and cleaning supplies you need to keep the scanner running.

We usually buy the cleaning kit for preventive maintenance. This will significantly reduce service costs and keep our scanners working for longer periods of time.

With the CG01000-527601 part number, you are getting the full Fujitsu Fi-6770 Consumables kit.

When do you need a Fujitsu Fi-6770 consumables kit

After scanning a couple of thousand pages you will eventually need to start cleaning the machine.

Why does this happen? 

Because paper carries dust, lint and sometimes even mold, every time you run a sheet through your scanner all these go inside the scanner.

Some stay in, some come out with the paper. Most of the time, you will have residuals which you will have to clean in order to get your machine running perfectly again.

What parts are affected?

A lot of the parts are affected, and we will let you know which need cleaning and which need replacing.

  • Paper path – The paper is built from plastic and metal. Over time, you will get dust residuals and most annoying lint stuck on the path. Solution: 99.9% of the time cleaning and removing the lint will solve your issue. 
  • Imaging guide or scanning glass – Each manufacturer uses its own name for it, but to cut things short this is the glass between the paper and the cameras and lights. These can collect lint and dust which significantly affect the quality of the images. Solution: Clean theme regularly and in some cases, you will have to replace them. 
  • Pick up Roller – As you probably know, this roller picks your paper. It’s mandatory to have it perfectly cleaned. Depending on paper you will have to clean them every 2000 scans and replace them close to 300.000 scans.
  • Brake Roller – This roller works in conjunction with the pick roller to make sure scanning is optimal. Again, clean it every 2000 scans and replace every 300.000 scans.

What consumable kit for Fujitsu FI-6770 should I buy

I suggest you buy the full maintenance kit, as it is hassle-free. If you don’t have the budget you can still buy separate parts.

Fujitsu OEM ScanAid – CG01000-527601 – Check the price on Amazon Now

This is the original product that Fujitsu sells. We will give you a short list of things that you will find in the box:

  • Consumable Pick Roller Set PA03338-K011 – 3 pieces
  • Consumable Brake Roller PA03576-K010 – 3 pieces
  • F1 Cleaner 100ML Bottle – 1 bottle
  • Cleaning Wipes 4X4inch 20-Pack  – 4 packs
  • Cloth Cleaning Sheets 10-Pack  – 1 pack
  • Moistened Cleaning Wipes 3x3inch 24-Pack – 1 pack
  • Cleaning Swabs 100-pack – 1 pack

Fujitsu has changed their products over the years. The preventive maintenance kit has also changed a bit.

We have found an alternative to the current product. It’s an older specification of the preventive maintenance kit.

Compatible FI 6770 Consumable kit – Check the price on Amazon Now

Featured in the box :

  • Pick Roller – 3 pieces
  • Brake Roller – 3 pieces
  • Cleaning Fluid
  • Pack of Cleaning Wipes
  • Cleaning Sheets
  • Extra maintenance items

How to install the preventive maintenance kit

Installing and using this kit is pretty straightforward.

The pick roller and the brake roller come as assemblies. This means you won’t have to swap the rollers themselves, rather take the old assembly out, and pop the new assembly in.

After you install the brake and the pick the rollers, please clean them. The Martin Yale rubber rejuvenator solution is usually our choice. This solution lets them wear naturally and extends their working life.

The cleaning wipes are good to use on the camera glass. Sometimes you will see either dust or even lint stuck to it. Use the wet wipes to remove them.

The cleaning sheet should be run through the scanner as a normal paper would. We don’t really use it to be fair, as we prefer to clean the scanner manually.

Should I buy the maintenance kit

Well, I guess it all depends if you are using cleaning supplies or not. Most likely, if you do a lot of scanning you are.

  • The kit is perfect for preventive maintenance. It contains just about anything you need to keep the scanner running.
  • You will significantly reduce service costs. If you are thorough in keeping your scanner clean, you will have fewer service calls.
  • Optimum performance from the scanner is critical. Especially in high volume scanning. Replace your rollers and pads as they wear naturally. Don’t use the scanner with worn out parts, as you won’t get optimum performance for sure.
  • The instructions to keep the scanner clean replace the rollers and also resetting your counters are inside the box.

All in all, the verdict is that it’s worth it to buy the Fujitsu FI  6670 consumables kit.

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