Bookeye 5 V3 Review | 3rd Gen Book Scanner coming in 2022

The Bookeye 5 V3 is the latest generation of the overhead book scanners coming from Image Access.

It will soon replace the already popular Bookeye 4 V3, and it target the market of A3+ book scanners at a very affordable price level.

The features it comes with are second to none, and it still uses the already popular Scan2Net platform and the impressive linear CCD camera that Image Acesss is famous for.

BookEYE 5 V3 – It will shine in self service environments

Being the newest member from an already popular product, you can be sure that it addresses any flaws or drawbacks the old model used to have.

First of all it can scan formats larger than A3, up to 50%, considering the scanning size of 390 by 480mm or 15.3 inches by 18.9 inches. The scanning quality is second to none, as you would expect from such a well known manufacturer.

The dimensions of the scanner make it easy to operate and also very ergonomic. Given that it will be installed in self service areas of librariers, I see nothing but satisfied users as the older model was already very handy and easy to use.

I like the large touchscreen and the self service software it uses. Now

it has a new design, and I guess that even as a beginner in this field, you will quickly scan the pages you want from your books.

Bookeye 5 V3 – Three models to choose from : Basic, Kiosk and Professional

There are now 3 models to choose from and all bring different levels of performance and capabilities.

Basic – This is the entry level scanner from the Bookeye 5 V3 range of book scanners. It has the same functionalities and speed as the other models, but certain features have been removed, to provide the lowest cost.

Kiosk is the mid range option, which will probably be installed in your library lobby, for users to do walk up book scanning. It easily integrates with tablets using the Scan2Pad app and the footswitch will let you go through scanning without having to operate the screen manually.

Last but not least we have the Professional model which is the flagship of all the 3. It comes with a true 600dpi optical resolution, and the client interface let’s you connect it with 3rd party software and also software that you can develop. For smaller size bound documents, this is a production book scanner.

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