Atiz BookDrive Mini 2 review | Second generation of bookscanner in 2023

The Atiz Bookdrive Mini is the smallest and most affordable book scanner Atiz currently sells. It promises to provide more or less the same features as the full fledged Mark 2 model, but at a smaller cost.

It uses the same approach as the other Atiz models, a vshape book cradle and glass, digital cameras to capture the pages and the same scanning software you know from other models.
Atiz BookDrive Mini 2 review | Second generation of bookscanner in 2023

ProductAutomation levelScanning areaSpeed (Quality mode)ResolutionScanning glassPrice

Atiz Mini 2

Atiz Mini 2
Manual8.5 in x 14 (2x legal size)800 pages / hourDepends on the selected cameraIncludedClick for more info

Klip Snap

Klip Snap
Semi-Automatic (The user has to turn the page)18.1 in x 11.8 in720 pages / hour300 dpiYesClick for more info

Atiz Mini 2 Specifications

Book CradleV-Shaped
Automation levelManual
Scanning area8.5 in x 14 (2x legal size)
Speed (Fast mode)1600 pages / hour
Speed (Quality mode)800 pages / hour
ResolutionDepends on the selected camera
Sensor typeDepends on the selected camera
Color Depth24-bit
SoftwareBookDrive Capture
File FormatsTIFF, JPG, PDF. Searchable PDF, Word, Excel
AccessoriesFoot Switch
Scanning glassIncluded
Dimensions24in x 34in x 30in (61 x 87 x 77 cm)
Weight50.7 lbs (23 kg)

Atiz Mini 2 Accessories and options

The book cradle is Vshaped, just like in the other Atiz models. It comes with a vshaped flattening glass that rests on top of the pages, to make them as smooth as possible.

We love the size of this equipment, which makes it one of the smallest devices available on the market. It will only scan up to A4, but trust us, the size is small, and you can move it around very easily.

Also, it’s pretty lightweight if you have been in the book scanning business before. At 25 kg, there is nothing that even comes close. We actually think that most operators can move it around by themselves.

Atiz Mini 2 features

This is a manual bookscanner, considering that the operator moves both the scanning glass and has to flip the pages. It might seem a lot of work, but it really isn’t that bad.

Atiz has provided a foot switch to help you with the scanning, so you just move the glass up, flip the page, put the glass back down and then step on the foot switch.

Atiz Mini 2 Technical specs

As we have previously mentioned, the scanning area is 2 times A4. It’s not the biggest size of course, but it can accommodate most books out there currently on the market.

The scanning speed is rated by Atiz somewhere around 1600 pages per hour in fast mode. This is definitely on the high side, and you will have to put in a lot of effort to achieve it.

The numbers in normal or quality mode are more real, so you will go through around 800 pages per hour in this scanning mode. This is still something quite impressive in my opinion, so don’t worry too much in this sense.

Atiz Mini 2 Image quality

The resolution on this device is camera dependent, so the higher the megapixel count, the higher the dots per inch. Considering that you can’t move the camera too much, you will have to stick with the megapixel count and fixed scanning area.

The sensor type also depends on the camera you use. From our experience, given that this is an economical device, you will probably go with CMOS area sensors like you find on most cameras commercially available.

Atiz Mini 2 Software & File formats

Pretty much all Atiz devices come bundled with the Book Drive Capture software. We actually think that this software was the first solution to actually be user friendly, and it moved the needle on other software solutions for book scanners when it came out.

The files that you can output with it are pretty much what you’d expect. You can generate PDF files, single and multipage, while also generating image files such as Tiff or Jpeg.

With the OCR solution on it, the software can generate decent searchable PDF files, Word or Excels.

Atiz Mini 2 vs Klip Snap

Here are the key differences between these two book scanners:

These devices, while very different are two approaches for the same scanning market. Both are A3 devices, one will scan 2xA4, which is the Atiz device, and the Klip will scan A3+ in one single go.

With the Sv600 installed, the Klip Snap can also generate individual pages of books, by doing page splitting automatically.

Regarding the scanning speed, the Atiz is further in front, because it uses digital cameras, which capture images automatically. On the other side, the Klip with the Sv600, uses a linear CCD, which will achieve better scanning depth and also more accurate and even lighting across the document.

But the most important difference is that the Atiz is vshaped, so it will offer improved versatility when it comes to scanning. The Klip Snap on the other side is a flat book scanner, so books that don’t open all the way will be more difficult to scan.

Last but not least, price wise, the Atiz is the more expensive device, at around 3 times the price of the Klip Snap bundled with the Fujitsu Sv600.

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Atiz Mini 2
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