Atiz Mark 2 Review | What to expect from this bookscanner in 2023

The Atiz Mark 2 is designed to be a professional book scanner, designed to digitize a large number of books and documents in a very short timeframe.

This is considered to be a versatile scanner, given that it will scan a large range of materials, from bound books or documents, to cut sheet pages or even fragile paper documents.
Atiz Mark 2 Review | What to expect from this bookscanner in 2023

ProductAutomation levelScanning areaSpeed (Quality mode)ResolutionScanning glassPrice

Atiz Mark 2

Atiz Mark 2
Manual16.9 x 24.4in800 / hourDeppends on the selected cameraIncludedClick for more info

Klip Snap

Klip Snap
Semi-Automatic (The user has to turn the page)18.1 in x 11.8 in720 pages / hour300 dpiYesClick for more info

Atiz Mark 2 Specifications

Book CradleV-Shaped
Automation levelManual
Scanning area16.9 x 24.4in
Speed (Fast mode)1600 pages / hour
Speed (Quality mode)800 / hour
ResolutionDeppends on the selected camera
Sensor typeDeppends on the selected camera
Color Depth24-bit
SoftwareBookDrive Capture
File FormatsTIFF, JPG, PDF. Searchable PDF, Word, Excel
AccessoriesFoot Switch
Scanning glassIncluded
Dimensions47.3in x 59in x 54.3in (120 x 150 x 138 cm)
Weight176 lbs (80 kg)

Atiz Mark 2 Accessories and options

The book cradle of this machine is a special component, given that is designed to sercurely hold the book in place while it is being scanned.

Atiz says they have used durable but lightweight materials to design this cradle, and it includes adjustable guides, clamps and other features that keep the book from moving during the scanning process.

The V shape glass and book cradle make it ideal for just about any kind of book and bound document. One thing you may miss is the fact that you can’t scan both pages together, although you might be able to stitch it manually after scanning. .

Atiz Mark 2 features

This is considered a manual scanner given that the operator has to do just about everything during the scanning process. He has to move the glass plate up and down manually to flatten the pages and make sure the image is proper.

Also, besides that, between the movements, he has to flip the pages by hand, which to be honest is not the biggest issue. The finger is reliable enough to repeatedly and reliably turn each page and not miss anything.

You will also get a foot switch to start the scanning when the page has been flattened with the glass plate, so at least you will have something that you don’t have to touch with your fingers each time. .

Atiz Mark 2 Technical specs

The scanning area of this device is around A4, 8.27 by 11.69 inches to be more precise. It means most documents can be scanned with this scanner, especially standard sized books.

With a scanning speed of around 20 pages per minute, in regards to productivity, it means you will be capturing around 1200 pages per hour.

I would say that this is in the high side of things, and in practice, you can expect to be somewhere around 800 or 900, which is not that bad in my opinion. .

Atiz Mark 2 Image quality

Atiz claims that the scanner will do 600dpi. This is something that remains to be seen. Depending on which camera you use and how close the camera gets to the document, in theory you should be able to scan 600dpi for a small area.

Also, the sensor you chose depends on the camera you want to use. Most of the times, it will be a CMOS sensor, and definitely an area sensor, given that the linear sensor requires to much work to implement. .

Atiz Mark 2 Software & File formats

This scanner comes integrated with BookDrive capture, which is a capturing software delivered by Atiz with this device. It includes image processing functions that enhance the image quality and also can remove artifacts from the images. Also, you can remove shadows, reflections and other issues from the scanned images, which in theory should result in a very good and clear scanning result.

File formats generated with the software include JPG, PDF, TIFF and an OCR PDF, which means text searchable documents. Therefore you can easily store and share scanned books and documents. The great thing about this software is that it will run with both Mac and windows. .

Atiz Mark 2 vs Klip Snap

Here are the key differences between these two book scanners:

These 2 scanners use different approaches for scanning, but in fairness, they more or less target the same markets. If you ask ATIZ they will say that their bookscanner is the most affordable bookscanner for the everyday user. But in practice the KLIP is 4 times cheaper, with the SV600 bundled in the price.

The Atiz is Vshaped so it definitely wins this contest. It should be more versatile when you consider how many types of books you can scan with it. And because it’s a Vshape scanner, you can also use cameras which should be more quicker than the linear sensor on the Klip. But you can actually switch the SV600 on the Klip with a Czur, and it will be just as fast.

So in terms of speed and versatility the Atiz should be ahead, but the Klip SNAP is much cheaper and it’s not that far behind in terms of how many types of books it will scan.

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Atiz Mark 2
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