Results for your selection of best wireless or networks medium volume scanners

Here are the best results for scanning a couple of folders per day, with the wireless or network option active. Connectivity is definitely important for you and you need to be as open as possible on this front.

You are scanning medium volumes, but are not the single user of the scanner. These devices will work through USB but they have the added feature of wireless connectivity. 

Raven PRO Document ScannerFujitsu FI 8250

Check the price on Amazon NOW

Check the price on Amazon NOW

  • You really enjoy your scanner to be touch and go, so the large screen of the Raven will be great for you.
  • All of the documents you scan are pretty homogenous, and you have no thick stock, there is no requirement for a flatbed unit attached to it.
  • Scanning softwares are only for specific projects, you are better of using the screen directly to process and scan your jobs.
  • You constantly encounter mixed jobs, that require you to use the flatbed unit, for passports, thick stock or even bound documents.
  • Using the scanner like a digital sender is not enough for you. Having the advanced options of a specificaly purposed scanning software is mandatory, and you want to have this option.
  • Sometimes you want to connect through USB, therefore this scanner will be just fine.