Results for your selection of USB medium volume scanners

Here are the best results for scanning a couple of folders per day, with USB connectivity, as the network connectivity does not bring that much added value.

You are scanning medium volumes, but are the single user of the scanner. While a network connection won’t bother you, the USB seems to be enough.

Fujitsu FI 8170Canon DR M1060 A3

Check the price on Amazon NOW

Check the price on Amazon NOW

  • USB connectivity is just fine for you, so this device will be what you are looking for.
  • It also has the added bonus of network connectivity so for those rare ocassions, you will be able to connect it as a digital sender.
  • The FI 8170 has a great scanning software, and you will be able to do a lot more scanning with it than you can imagine.
  • You also have to scan A3 documents from time to time, so this device is just about the cheapest way to do this.
  • It only works through USB but you just don’t care. You are the single user of this device and connect to it through a dedicated PC, for old fashion but reliable document scanning.