Results for your selection of USB high volume scanners

You are satisfied in having a dedicated USB device for your large scanning projects. The only thing you need is a proper scanning software to handle your requests.

You are scanning high volumes, and are using the scanner as a dedicated device. Having a good scanning software is more important than connectivity.


Check the price on Amazon NOW

Check the price on Amazon NOW

  • 100 pages per minute is enough to satisfy your scanning needs. Scan in duplex, and you’ll be capturing 200 pages per minute.
  • USB connectivity but given the great features of the Paperstream Capture PRO, you won’t feed the need for a network connection.
  • Fujitsu provides great scanning quality, so you’ll be able to mix text documents with image documents with very good results.
  • The flatbed unit on this device makes it the most versatile document scanner on the market today, and probably the best overall large scanner you can buy.
  • With the Paperstream Capture software, there isn’t any job that you can’t run on this scanner. Mix and match thick and thin documents, card stock or even plastic ID’s.
  • The paper handling on this device is second to none, and while it may not be the fastest on the market, it certainly is the most versatile.