Results for your selection of network high volume scanners

You are in the big league of scanning but want to have the added bonus of being able to scan to different network adresses. USB only won’t do it for you.

You are scanning high volumes, but are not the single user of the scanner. Also, you want to scan to a NAS or different network paths. 

Canon DR G 2140Canon DR M1060 A3

Check the price on Amazon NOW

Check the price on Amazon NOW

  • High speed scanning is mandatory, so this will give you up to 140 sheets per minute in simplex mode.
  • It has network connectivity so you will take great advantage to send your scans to different areas of the network.
  • The option to use it as a dedicated scanner still exists, and the bundle of software will help you achieve the productivity levels appropriate for your tasks.
  • Scanning at high speed only won’t cut it these days. The mix of documents that can be scanned on this, with the included Flatbed, is parallel to none.
  • Network connectivity combined with the variety of documents you will be scanning, make this unit a productivity king.
  • This can be connected with just about any scanning software out there, which will suport the Alaris driver.