Choose your volume

We have created this simple tool to guide you through the process of finding the correct scanner for your needs.

How many documents do you scan every day?

Around 10-15 pagesĀ A couple of document foldersI scan at least a couple of archive boxes
10-15 pages2-3 folders2-3 archive boxes

If you are only scanning documents around your office ocasionaly, you should choose this option. This means scanning only happens when someone needs a certain document, or you are sending a contract that you have signed to the supplier.

When you are scanning a couple of document folders per day, this means scanning is part of the daily routine, but you are not really handling this only. So you will need a device that is robust enough to handle them, but not big and heavy so you are left with no space on your table.

You are actually doing scanning most of the time, if you are scanning archive boxes daily. This means a production scanner will be your only choice.